A Guide To National Jazz Festival Tauranga, NZ


  • The Port of Tauranga National Jazz Festival is celebrated its 61st year in 2024, bringing together jazz enthusiasts from all over to enjoy a jam-packed program of events in Tauranga.
  • This festival showcases performances by some of the best jazz musicians in Australasia the world, as well as emerging jazz talents from New Zealand.
  • The festival offers a diverse range of events, including concerts, competitions, street parties, workshops, and more.
  • Tauranga becomes the heart of jazz during the festival, attracting visitors from all over the country who plan their Easter holidays around this iconic event.
  • The festival opens with the three-day Wright Family Foundation National Youth Jazz Competition, where talented young jazz artists from schools across the country compete for coveted awards.
  • The Downtown Carnival, one of the festival's highlights, takes place over two days and immerses tens of thousands of jazz lovers in the vibrant sounds of New Zealand's finest musicians.

From Humble Beginnings

The National Jazz Festival Tauranga had its humble beginnings in the city of Tauranga. It started as a small gathering of jazz musicians and enthusiasts who came together to celebrate their love for this unique genre of music. Over the years, the festival grew in size and popularity, attracting jazz musicians from all over the country and even internationally. Today, the festival is known for its world-class performances, showcasing some of the best jazz musicians in Australasia and beyond. It has become a platform for emerging talent and a must-visit event for jazz lovers from all walks of life.


The National Jazz Festival Tauranga takes place at various venues and settings throughout the city, each offering a unique atmosphere and experience. The Baycourt Community and Arts Centre serves as the main hub for the festival, hosting a wide range of performances and events. Its state-of-the-art facilities and intimate setting create the perfect ambiance for enjoying jazz music. Another highlight of the festival is the Downtown Carnival, which transforms the streets of Tauranga into a vibrant jazz party. After a year of virtual events, the 2024 festival returned to its roots, with the Downtown Carnival hosted in bars with stages over Easter Weekend on Wharf Street, Red Square and a family fun zone on the waterfront. Festival-goers were able to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of the city and enjoy performances at various bars and restaurants in the downtown area. Both the Baycourt Community and Arts Centre and the Downtown Carnival provided the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable jazz festival experience.


For more information on this event, visit the National Jazz Festival website by clicking here.